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The Original BarBack™Tool (a.k.a. The O-Rig™BarBack™Tool) is a modern tool innovation conceived by professional bartender Dennis C. Oakley in 2005, with convenience in mind. The O-Rig™BarBack™Tool is a specially designed multifunction tool developed initially to meet the needs of bartenders and servers as well as home/amateur food & beverage enthusiasts. The O-Rig™BarBack™Tool is the first in a future line of modern bar, food and beverage tools being developed by The BarBack Tool Company.

The BarBack™Tool was granted its first US Utility Patent on September 13, 2011. Several more Utility and Design Patents have been granted since then, and several others are pending with an imminent full maturation. "The BarBack" Tool and "O-Rig" Tool are Trademarks of OriginalBarBack LLC, who has also filed for a US Registered Trademark.

A compact, handheld unit, The BarBack™Tool boasts an elongated, rectangular shaped casing featuring softly rounded edges, inside of which a series of easily accessed food and beverage service tools are conveniently stored. The foundation of the design is derived from the standard stainless steel "flat bar" bottle cap popper, which is used widely among modern day bartenders worldwide. The finished product is a combination of the "flat bar" and other existing classic beverage tools and food preparation tools.

"The BarBack Tool Company" concept was conceived by the founder, Dennis in 2005…but his road to the invention was a long and winding, across-the-country journey.

Dennis was born and raised in New York, living in several places between Selden, Long Island and upstate in the Catskills.  His grandparents owned a local hotel and tavern in the small upstate hamlet of Palenville, where he lived for most of his youth. He began working in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry at the age of 13 as a busboy at a resort in Tannersville, New York and worked as a waiter throughout high school at various other Greene County resorts during the late ‘80s to early ‘90s.

Oakley studied graphic design at R.I.T., and worked as a waiter while he was a student there. He was also voted in as his fraternity’s Social Chairman, where he organized events and managed the frat-house’s popular beer-bar: TED’S BAR.
“TED’S BAR was where I first recognized my passion for the tavern business,” Oakley recalled.

After college, he continued to work in the Restaurant & Bar Industry in Florida, Maryland and Northern Virginia, where he soon cultivated a strong set of skills and experience. Oakley continued this adventurous ‘traveling bartender’ lifestyle throughout the early 2000's. He gained a wealth of knowledge working for successful restaurant chains such as: Dave & Busters in Maryland and Colorado, and Uncle Julio’s in Virginia and Texas, as well as the Boulder Colorado landmark, The Sink. Oakley consistently earned positions as a corporate bar trainer, supervisor or manager and personally crafted many bars' and restaurants’ training manuals and beverage programs.

He soon began competing in ‘Bartender-Skills’ competitions, which measured a bartender’s speed, accuracy and showmanship qualities. These particular skills, Oakley realized, were the key to providing World-Class Beverage Service.

In 2002, Oakley started his own Bar & Night Club Consulting Agency called Premier Bartending Service, Inc. He would eventually train hundreds of Service Industry Professionals over the next few years from Colorado to Long Island and then to Albany. During his 20+ years in the business, Oakley has worked behind more than 60 bars as either a consultant, an on-staff bar trainer or a guest bartender.

It was during one of his consulting projects in 2005, when Oakley conceived the idea of a ‘multi-tool’ for bar and restaurant employees. He soon began filing his first Patent, which was eventually granted in 2011.
“In that first ‘ah-ha’ moment…the epiphany, it seemed like a no-brainer concept to combine classic food and beverage tools into one modern, convenient embodiment,” said Oakley. “I wondered why it hadn’t been done already. It only made sense to combine them into one unit.”
The design concept was literally a simple innovation of tools that already existed as independent units.

“Most people already had items in their kitchen like a bottle opener, a corkscrew and a veggie peeler, why not combine them together? It was then that I decided that I will be the one to bring this concept to life,” Oakley stated. “I worked feverishly drawing sketches of my new idea until 4am that first night. Since then, I have committed all of my savings and spare time to make my vision a reality.”

Keeping his finger on the pulse of the Beverage Industry, Oakley still bartends part-time in Saratoga County, New York. Currently, he can be found mixing craft cocktails and serving Chef Chance Borawski's and owner Sean Lee's innovative cuisine from behind the bar at "Rocco's On Main St.".

What’s so Original about The BarBack™Tool?

It is the first & finest multi-functional tool in existence with the ability to perform at least 11 important tasks for food and drink preparation, but is still small enough to fit inside any pocket for easy access.

A compact, handheld unit, The BarBack™Tool is constructed of durable, shiny stainless steel. This tool boasts an elongated, rectangular shaped casing featuring softly rounded edges, inside of which a patented series of easily accessed food and beverage service tools are conveniently stored

The O-Rig™ BarBack™ Edition One Features:

  • portable, non-cumbersome embodiment
  • instant tool accessibility and easy to grab finger loop
  • beer bottle opener (Patented, innovative design)
  • wine key with corkscrew and lever (Patented, innovative design)
  • citrus zester (Patented, innovative design)
  • safety blade, garnish knife/ drink stirring tool (Patented, innovative design)
  • fruit & veggie peeler (Patented, innovative design)
  • can opener/ wine foil cutter/ all-purpose cutting tool
  • convenient removable belt clip.
  • built in *LED flashlight and *magnifying lens (*coming soon)
  • built in detachable ink pen *clip (*available by special order)
  • cigar cutter (*coming soon)

 “I hope that every average person eventually has a chance to own and use this revolutionary bar tool as it has many applications in many everyday settings such as:
BBQ's, dinner parties, holiday parties, RV-ing & camping, golfing and makes a great gift! We say it has 11 functions, but it really has innumerable uses. It all depends on how creative you can be with it." -Dennis C. Oakley

Thank You for your support and have fun using your O-Rig™BarBack™Tool!


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