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Really Cool, A Bartender's Swiss Army Knife.”

Mark Hastings - Owner of Barproducts.com


Just got my Bar back, thing is SICK!! Thanks so much! I will send business your way.”

Jason Desalvo - Bartender


“My Original Barback arrived today and WOW, this is an outstanding tool. I can tell there are so many well thought out details to this design and your experience in that industry really shows. Your commitment to really put a great product out really shows. This is really something to be proud of, and I am very excited for you. The quality of the tool exceeded my expectation.

I'm looking forward to showing this off around work and plan to buy a couple more to give to colleagues who are well positioned to showcase it around the Beverage department both at our Tampa Hard Rock Casino, and our sister property down in Hollywood, FL.

Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to the Original Barback, I love mine!

Over the weekend I took my Original Barback to one of my friend's restaurants and put it in front of the FOH staff to get their impressions of it and it was extremely well received. A few people expressed interest more than once about being notified once they go on sale to the public. The two bartenders really gave it a going over and their opinion was very positive. I was so pleased.

Are you still planning on opening sales to the public next month? Personally, I had an oportunity to use the wine key for the first time over the weekend and have to share with you that the blade on the can opener cut the foil flawlessly. I was super impressed. Dude, you NAILED THIS THING. One of the bartenders had a really great idea which was that the OB would be an excellent groomsman gift. I couldn't agree more. Everyone is sick of flasks, jack knives, and golf tools. I'm unsure how you could leverage that angle, but I wanted to pass it along to you.” 

Dan Shay - Bar Manager, Hard Rock Cafe, Hollywood FL


“So cool! Mead! We used the The Original BarBack and it opened the wine bottle like a charm!”

Melanie Schleicher - Kickstarter


“It's finally here!!! Congratulations on this masterpiece!! Wish you the best of luck with this all in one Bar/kitchen/BBQ/cooking/Drinking tool!! It came out perfect. Thank you!”

Daniel Fulling - Kickstarter 


"This tool is cool. As a back up tool on the bar, it has everything your fellow bartenders or you yourself have lost underneath the ice station. The tools all work as described and the bottle opener even pops bottle caps like a pro. A Sleek design and solid construction. A must-have on the bar.  I see many attempts at new bar toys and tools. This one is a tool that is worth talking about. All the accessories work as described. You might have a better knife on the bar, however, when you don’t have a knife at all, The Original BarBack is there to help."

Dean Serneels - Inventor of Flairco Flair bartending tools, Inventor of "Dean's bar spoon", legendary Flair Bartender and Industry Specialist/Brand Ambassador for Finest Call bar mixing products


"Excited to use my new 'original bar back tool'! Thanks for hooking me up!”

Molly Dorrough - Bartender


"This is going to be a great addition to the boat!"

Jennifer Reid - Kickstarter


"First shift with my new Original Bar Back Tool tonight! Thanks! Come thru everybody..."

Rich Oettinger - Kickstarter/Bartender


My honest opinion on it is that it is definitely a cool tool & I think that it is GREAT for the home because of the all-in-one feature of it.”

Ken Hall - Owner High Spirits Enterprises, Las Vegas/5x World Champion Bartender


"Dude I love the barback... I am going to bring this to the bars and help you sell them. The functionality is amazing. You did a great job with this. It was worth the wait. Cheers!” 

Preston Spence - Kicktstarter


“Received (mine). Looks cool and I like the concept a lot!”

Tobin Ellis - Owner of BarMagic Consulting and bar designs of Las Vegas/Inventor of “The Ellis Signature Cocktail Station-by Perlick Inc."


"Looking good! Great job."

Anthony Centrella - Kickstarter


“Got it! It’s super nice!”

Danilo Oribe - 9x World Champion Bartender


"I received mine today. Love it! Very well made."

John Vickery - Former bar owner


"We LOVE our BarBack!!! It has so many uses for our family that it is always within reach in the kitchen. We just need to order a second one now to keep out by our pool deck for when we entertain :) Thank you for creating such a useful tool :)"

Raymond Raszl - Kickstarter


"The Original BarBack is awesome! When you use the tool you can definitely tell how much time and planning had gone into making this a top quality tool. It's great for pros and amateurs like me!"

Ryan Green - Bartender




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