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Why Is A Food & Bar Multi-Tool A Convenient Item To Own?

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                   BYOB. Bring Your Own Bottle-Opener?


Have you ever been invited over to a friend's house party or a neighbor's BBQ?
The answer is most likely ''yes", since most people have been to some informal social gatherings. If you plan to host or attend any such function this summer, here is a friendly tip to keep in mind:
Be prepared!

Common courtesy dictates that you should not show up empty-handed for these types of affairs.
Many people will 
bring the hosts a bottle of wine, or maybe a 6 pack of some fancy bottled craft beer for all to enjoy. Some of those people, unfortunately, will arrive with their bottles only to find that the hosts of the party do not have a corkscrew or a bottle cap popper available.  

Ugh, the horror! "..how rude..", you think to yourself.

"I am so sorry. I know we had a corkscrew in our kitchen drawer at some point, I don't know what happened to it..", is the only explanation you are given.

So, you end up going without your wine, or you begin frantically searching the internet for some ''wine opening hacks'' you might be willing to try. At least with a beer bottle cap, you could use the edge of a table or a lighter to pry off the cap, (assuming you learned this skill from your college partying days).


Most every one has owned, used or has at least seen some kind of standard multi-tool such as a Leatherman or a Swiss Army Knife. Quite the handy tools they are indeed, but what if you work in a kitchen, bar, restaurant or perhaps you host dinner parties at your home. What kind of multi-functional products are out there to help those individuals?

Plenty are the varieties of essential food and beverage tools, and crowded are the storage spaces and drawers that contain them all around us. With so much clutter in our kitchen "junk drawers", it is easy to disorganize your prep tools and lose track of them, altogether.

If only there were some sort of compact, portable and well-built multi purpose food & beverage tool which saves space and is fun and easy to use.

Here is an interesting personal story. I was working a Saturday closing shift in late July at my first full time bar gig one night many years ago, and I overheard an all too familiar tale. Similar versions of this story have happened to many of us, especially me on numerous occasions. As such, the details were vividly familiar. 

Below is the account, as I heard it that night, of young "Joe and Jane Shmoe's" first time of being invited to a friendly neighborhood dinner party. For them, it was a party which ended up being more of a hassle than anything else.


A "thirty something age" couple rushed in through the doors at The Rio Grande around 8:55 pm and the tall man quickly storms up to the bar (in a polite way) and excitedly asks: "Did we miss last call yet?".

"Not at all buddy," I replied, "we are open until 11pm on weekends, what can I get for ya?".

"Oh thank God," he proclaimed and smiled at his wife who was equally pleased. "We just wasted our entire Saturday afternoon date night at a friend's BBQ dinner party, and all we want now is one of your sangrias on the rocks and a Corona with a lime."

"You got it, coming right up," I said.

The woman then proceeded to explain that they had brought a 12 pack of Fat Tire bottled beer and several red and white bottles of wine to the BBQ. Much to their dismay, there was not a corkscrew or bottle opener to be found in the entire house where the party was taking place. Joe and Jane ended up drinking some cheap scotch and cans of PBR that the hosts so graciously provided.

If only the hosts had a miracle tool to open all forms of beer and wine, their guests might be returning for next years BBQ.


Here's another scenario: You go camping and bring, (among other supplies):

  1. a bottle of wine 
  2. craft bottled beer 
  3. canned beans
  4. potatoes
  5. lemon
  6. apples
  7. cucumber
  8. fresh fish filets
  9. a bag of ice
  10. a new package of batteries and a new flashlight
  11. some rope to tie down the gear

    How convenient would it be to have ONE tool to open your wine, beer and canned goods? Ok, sure there is a Swiss Army knockoff out there for cheap that could do those things. What if the same tool also peeled your potatoes, added lemon zest on your Rainbow Trout, cut rope, open packages, sliced your fruit & veggies, and chipped your frozen bag of ice into usable chunks.


                           Introducing The BarBack Food & Beverage Tool

What’s so unique about The Original BarBack™?

It is the finest multi-functional bartending tool in existence with the ability to perform at least 11 important tasks for food and drink preparation, but is still small enough to fit inside any pocket for easy access.

The BarBack Edition One Features:

  • portable, non-cumbersome embodiment
  • instant tool accessibility and easy to grab finger loop
  • beer bottle opener (with Patented, innovative design)
  • wine key with corkscrew and lever
  • citrus zester
  • safety blade, garnish knife/ drink stirring tool
  • fruit & veggie peeler (Patented, innovative design)
  • can opener/ wine foil cutter/ all-purpose cutting tool
  • convenient removable belt clip.
  • built in *LED flashlight and *magnifying lens (*coming soon)
  • built in detachable ink pen *clip (*available by special order)

The BarBack Tool is the first of it's kind and the finest food & beverage multi tool out there. It was created with convenience in mind for anyone who prepares food or cocktails, and drinks any bottled beverages. 
See for yourself at 
The BarBack's Official Website!


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