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The Best Groomsmen Gift Of 2018- The BarBack - All The Right Stuff

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The "Big Day" is getting nearer and you have just finished deciding who, among the best men in your life, you will ask to stand up for you as your groomsmen. This responsibility does not come lightly and is considered to be a great honor in a man's life.

You've spent the better part of your life surrounded by these brothers, cousins, uncles and best friends, and you have all gotten eachother's back at some point in the past. Being a groomsman however, exemplifies the epitome of what strong bonded brethren can, and will, do for one another.

Why would you want to give these fine gentlemen anything less than a durable, useful and unique gift that they will cherish and use for a lifetime? That is just one of the many reasons why The BarBack™Tool makes the perfect gift for any groom to bestow upon his best mates. Plus it's easy and fun to use!

Sure, you can give them the classic engraved pocketknife, wine-key, or bottle opener. Then theres always the the beloved cufflinks to consider, or the personalized beer glass. Or perhaps you are considering going down the comedy road with the not-so-beloved "goofy socks".

If you are thinking about buying any of those kinds of gifts: STOP what you are doing right now, and take a close look at The Original BarBack™Tool.


Much More Than Just A Bottle Opener Or Wine Key

What’s so Original about The BarBack™Tool?

It is the first & finest multi-functional tool in existence with the ability to perform at least 11 important tasks for food and drink preparation, but is still small enough to fit inside any pocket for easy access.

A compact, handheld unit, The BarBack™Tool is constructed of durable, shiny stainless steel. This tool boasts an elongated, rectangular shaped casing featuring softly rounded edges, inside of which a patented series of easily accessed food and beverage service tools are conveniently stored

The BarBack Edition One Features:

  • portable, non-cumbersome embodiment
  • instant tool accessibility and easy to grab finger loop
  • beer bottle opener (Patented, innovative design)
  • wine key with corkscrew and lever
  • citrus zester (Patented, innovative design)
  • safety blade, garnish knife/ drink stirring tool (Patented, innovative design)
  • fruit & veggie peeler (Patented, innovative design)
  • can opener/ wine foil cutter/ all-purpose cutting tool
  • convenient removable belt clip.
  • built in *LED flashlight and *magnifying lens (*coming soon)
  • built in detachable ink pen *clip (*available by special order)
  • cigar cutter (*coming soon)

    What makes The BarBack™ such an ideal gift?

    The BarBack™ is a useful tool for almost every type of lifestyle. Whether you have family BBQ's, holiday parties or dinner parties with friends, The BarBack™Tool offers unparalleled convenience and provides optimal food & drink service features for your family and guests' needs. Check out a demo video and witness the versatility of this timeless, modern tool.

    Aside from it's primary "bartending" capabilities, The BarBack™Tool is a handy device to have on-hand for camping trips. Use it to open soup cans, cut rope, slice cheese, cut meat, peel veggies and much more. By having a serrated "safety blade" garnish knife at your disposal, it is an especially useful tool to keep on the boat or RV.

    An unequivocally reliable and multi functional device, The BarBack™ is a must-have for any man or woman who prepares food & beverages. The BarBack™ comes with a 3-year product replacement warranty, though will likely persist through many years with flawless reliability and function.

    With an A+ Coolness Factor, giving your groomsmen The BarBack™Tool as a gift is a "no-brainer" decision to make.


    Check out The BarBack's website for a special deal on a Groomsmen Gift Pack, which includes personalized engravings and Order Yours Now.

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