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Fall & Winter Red Sangria Recipe

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Hi BarBack Fans!

As we approach the holiday shopping season, we would like to begin posting our BarBack Specialty Recipe Blogs.

Our first recipe is our Founder Dennis' Secret "Fall Red Sangria" Recipe. So, here you go:


(This recipe yields one 12-14 ounce serving.The process takes about 5 minutes total to prepare 3 drinks at once)

-Use your favorite fancy glass or wine glass (or Solo cup...if that's what you like).

1) Add 1/2  teaspoon of sugar or a squirt of simple syrup into the glass (NO ICE YET).

2) Squeeze juice from 1/2 fresh cut lemon into the glass.

3) Squeeze juice from 1 whole, fresh cut orange (or 1 ounce of fresh orange juice) into the glass.

4) Squeeze in a small lime wedge, toss the lime right into the glass, then add an apple slice, as internal garnishes.

5) Pour 3 ounces of a dry white wine into the glass.

6) Pour 1/2 ounce of triple sec and 1/2 ounce of brandy into the glass...(or instead, use my favorite: substitute 1 ounce of Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur).

7) Stir all of these ingredients with the handle of a barspoon, or a long standard spoon.

8) Fill the glass 50% full with ice cubes.

9) Use The BarBack Garnish Knife in the 90 degree-mid position to stir, chill and dilute the mixture a bit.

10) Add more ice cubes and float 3 ounces of any red table wine.(It will blend on it's own with the orange mixture already in the glass, creating a nice orange to red color spectrum.)

11) Use The BarBack Zester to quick zest a bit of lemon skin on the top. (2 strokes should suffice)

12) Use The BarBack Peeler to peel a beautiful long orange spiral twist and place on the top of the drink.

*(Pro-Tip: Peel the orange spiral twist before you cut and squeeze the orange in step #3..use the same orange.)

13) OPTIONAL: Top with a splash of club soda for a touch of effervescence, if there is still room in the glass.

14) OPTIONAL: Use The BarBack Garnish Knife in the 90 degree-mid position to float 1/4 ounce of elderflower liqueur on top of the red wine to add a nice floral aroma.

15) Place as many sliced fruit garnishes as you would like on the rim of the cocktail, such as wedges of lemon, lime and apples.


Check back soon to see our Winter Cocktail Recipes.


-The BarBackers

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